The Gifted Season 3: Release Date , Updates 2021 and More

The popular superman American television show by Fox written by American writer and producer Matthew E. Nix has wrapped up the Second Season and it’s been almost a year that the show went on Hiatus and fans are curious to know whether there will a continuation of the series.

The show was actually pulled off due to some obvious reasons like poor viewership, and negative response from the audience, Although the First season, was hit, but the very next 2 Season with 16 episodes was not up to the standard, which left fans disappointed. And now fans are waiting for The Gifted Season 3.

Matt Nix The person Behind The series

Basically, this show is an adaptation of Hellfire Club, an American Comic book By Marvel particularly based on X-Men. The first season was released on October 2, 2017. The first season earned a positive response from both viewers and critics and with an average of 3.40 Million U.S viewership.

Matt Nix is the sole pillar of this series, he was a huge fan of the X-mem series since he was young. He was inspired by the X-Men shows and really wanted to create something rather than the conventional or same old X-Men-based script. It was all began in 2016 with Nix’s brilliant idea of Ordinary Parents discovering their children’s extraordinary mutant abilities also Fox Televisions Productions laid a road for this Adventure series.

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Response From Critics

The plot and perfect characterization was an asset to this series and had a good amount of viewers which laid a solid foundation for this Adventure Drama. From the source Rotten Tomatoes, the American Tv aggregator  “The Gifted ” series has good response with an average of 6.67/10  based on the reviews given by 50 viewers.

However the show was nominated for Young Artist Awards in 2018  for two categories namely Best Performance in TV series -Lead Teen Actor, Best Performance in Tv series – Supporting Teen Actress.

What is Wrong with “The Gifted “

Although this show is a collaborative project by Marvel Televisions and Fox Networks still The fox had decided to cancel the Further production of The Gifted. It is clear that all the X-Men-inspired shows are now outdated.

Now, this is where the actual rumors start. Naturally, fans assume that Disney might buy the FOX Networks and this is something inappropriate that Disney already has its own broadcasting network and why would they even bother buying Fox Broadcasting. Famous Businessman Rupert MURDOCH indicated that the future of this series might be possible only if The studios aren’t aligned with Warner Bros, Sony Entertainment.

Matt has predicted that fox would undoubtedly call off the future production, it seems that Fox would only value its viewership rather than the best storyline. He believed the show would do well with the Disney Networks or somewhere else. The future of this show is unpredictable and no news of its further development is nowhere to be found.

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FOX canceled “The Gifted “

As we all familiar that Fox purchased the rights of producing based on Marvel comics and X-Men oriented themes. Fox has produced multiple X-Men movies which were huge hits However, fox had tried to expand the X-Men Universe with series like “The Gifted “.

Later in 2019 Disney has purchased the big titles including all the X-Men films, which lead to the rumors that the cancelation of the series might have something to do with Disney. All of a sudden the Fox has announced the cancelation of the third season in 2019.

Reed STRICKER’S Sacrifice at the end of season 2

The conclusion of the second season left the audience in confusion that Reeva encouraging the world of mutant but an emotional moment that Reed STRICKER would sacrifice his life just to stop the world of mutant and he also destroys Reeva and Her world.

Reed has discovered that he was a mutant in the first season and coming to the second season he couldn’t resist the powers, it went to the point where he couldn’t control his powers. In order to have his powers under control, he even used serum to suppress his powers. Dallas attack was the reason behind the X-Men’s disappearance and this motivated Reed to become a Lawyer and fight against the Mutant rights.

Reed and his CAITLIN sacrifice everything become and they are on runaway as a part of Mutant underground. The evil Reeva built her own world of mutant with the legacies of legendary mutant families. Reed who knew he was a mutant before didn’t know how to utilize them. Reed overloads with all the mutant powers that he has and destroys the Reeva at the Inner Circle’s Headquarters which is an ironic end to her and destruction little evil mutant nation.

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