Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Release Date Updates 2021

Santa Clarita Diet is one of the highest-rated horror-comedy which is adored by fans. The series is an American collection produced by Victor Fresco whose every season has turned out to be immensely loved by viewers. Although the fans are eagerly waiting for Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 of Santa Clarita Diet the streamer has unfortunately terminated the Netflix web series. Receiving such a massive response along with positive reviews makes it hard to believe that the show came to an end after season 3.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4:

The chemistry between Olyphant and Barrymore was referred to as pitch-perfect on-screen chemistry which became most loved about the show. The genre of the series and its morbid humor is what the viewers look forward to.

The whole story is about real estate agents of Santa Clarita, California who are named Joel and Sheila. It so happens, Sheila starts craving human flesh which gets them into trouble. Eventually, they deal with mythological mysteries to overcome the uncertain situation when Sheila pretends to live her life in a metamorphic making the story of the show worth a watch and interesting which keeps the audience engaged.

Santa Clarita Diet season 4: Release Date.

It may be unfortunate and disappointing but it is true that the series is declared to be shut by the official streaming Network. The third season was the final season for Santa Clarita Diet which you can stream on Netflix.

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Not only will the series be discontinued but also the last season ended on a suspicious cliff-hanger, open-ended ending. As a result of this fans were eagerly waiting for the fourth season but the situation got worse because it ended.

The 3rd season ended at such a point where Sheila had put her teeth in Joel’s neck, along with this the mystery behind Mr. Ball’s leg is still not unfolded. What happens next is up to the viewer’s anticipation. The show started was first premiered on 3rd February 2017 on Netflix, the second season was released in 2018, and 3rd season in 2019. Sad but true, there is no Season 4 of Santa Clarita Diet.

The reason behind the cancellation

The reason behind the cancellation of the show is not something which is very obvious. It so happened that the series did not make as much money as they expected. The financial expectation of the Santa Clarita Diet was not growing as the creators thought it would, the earning was less.

Although this was not the only reason as on the other hand Netflix started focusing more on the show which could gather more amount of revenue opportunities. Shows like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown” were undoubtedly dominating over any other web series on Netflix, thus, making more money for the streamer.

If there was a season 4, what will the storyline be?

As the last season left the viewers hanging in the middle of nowhere where they are confused about will Joel be able to save Sheila and what would happen to Mr. Ball’s leg, the cancellation already saddens the viewers. So, if there is a season 4 it can be expected to rise the question that will Joel live her life like a wife, who eats human flesh?

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The season might also bring with it a lot of unrevealed answers in a humorous way. But as it is already known that there won’t be another season and it won’t stream on any network.

With Santa Clarita Diet Netflix has provided the viewers with horror which is humorous as well. A genre that is not quite common amongst people. As a result of this people started loving the show and expect much more from it. In the pandemic scenario, the show is being watched again and people do still love it. Although it is declared that there won’t be another season but viewers are still waiting for their unanswered questions to be answered.

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