NATO Calls China A Global Security Challenge

The rounds of global meetings are on after the dreaded year of pandemics. The NATO leaders met in NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The organization came out strong to declared China a constant security challenge. The message NATO Calls China A Global Security Challenge sent is in sync with President Joe Biden’s effort to encourage allies to speak against the Chinese government.

The New Adversary China

The 30 member organization came out and called China’s goals and aggressive posturing are relevant to alliances’ security. The leaders also pointed to that assertive Chinese behavior is a systematic challenge to rules-based international order. The latest stern assertion by NATO comes after Biden stepped up his efforts to empower allies to speak up. The alliance finally spoke unitedly against the Chinese human rights record.

NATO Calls China A Global Security Challenge

Meanwhile, the 30 member alliance stopped short of calling China a rival but spoke passionately about the coercive policies of the Chinese administration. NATO also expressed its suspicion on the opaque ways the Chinese modernization of its armed forces and prevalent use of disinformation operations. NATO also called on Beijing to uphold international commitments.

The Mention Of China

The naming of China as a threat surely did not get wide-ranging support from the European allies. The German chancellor and the French President urged the group to not shift its focus from other pertinent threats by naming China. As a result, the group came out with a rather hushed criticism of China. NATO nations just agreed to engage China to defend the security interests of the alliance.

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President Biden could raise the issue of the Chinese bad record in Human Rights during the    G-7 communique. The G-7 called out China for the forced labor practices and other Human Rights violations impacting the Uyghur people in Chinese Xinjiang.

Meanwhile, President Biden termed the response of the communique as satisfactory. But it is evident that the grouping seems to be divided in the vigor to criticize the Chinese. President Biden is now expected to meet Russian President Putin on his Europe trip.

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