Movies With The Worst Endings of All Time:

There are movies which tell us about the tales of far and wide kingdoms. We became indulge in its stories about this fantasy land about elves, dwarves, Hobbits, Humans, Dragons, wizards, and whatnot. We are indulged in the characters, we care about them and we want them to succeed. The storyline is perfect and the movie is quite successful in adapting the novel and just when we think it’s a really good movie, they gave us a bad ending. You might know which am I talking about. Yes, The Hobbit. And we are here to talk about the Movies With The Worst Endings of All Time.


One of the best movies to use magic as a backdrop. The story revolves around four horsemen of a great magician which is unknown from the start. His identity is hidden. Our four protagonist is doing these shows and accepting the orders from an organization called the eye. The movie is like a chase movie. where police are after some vigilantes. At the end of the movie, we found out that Dylan, played by Mark Ruffalo is their leader. Many critics as well as the audience criticized the ending just because of the absurdity it presents.


Quite surprisingly this movie has two endings. One was what the director of this movie, Francis Lawrence wanted and one which was presented to the audience in theatres. The ending which was released in the theatres was just bad. It was shown that will smith found a cure but he stayed back and blow himself up just to blow up the zombie creatures and give that girl some time to run. The alternate ending which I am not going to spoil should be watched by everyone where the director engages in the philosophy of morality.

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This movie is the weakest in its Trilogy, the second being the strongest. One of the many problems with this movie is the conclusion seemed very fast. There were too many villains to handle in the end and there were no character arcs to explore. It was a mess of a movie and how can we forget the dance. This movie does not have any good character arcs, a nice story, a good background score, an amazing villain. This movie is just bad with a terrible ending. There is no justification for it.

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