Movies With The Best Plot Twists of all Time:

The thrillers genre has always been an exciting genre to watch and talk about. The twists and reveals are always exciting and often come from where we least expect it. And that’s is the best form of Plot twist. It has done by many directors in purest and simplest movies as well as grand and huge movies with larger baskets. So, here’s the list of some Movies With The Best Plot.

Movies With The Best Plot: SHUTTER ISLAND

Shutter Island is one of the most underrated movies of Martin Scorsese. It’s a story about two detectives played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. They both go on an Island to figure something. It’s a thrill9ng movie to watch which has been building towards its end. And the end is just mind-blowing. The twist is so amazing that it took me some time to grasp it and comprehend its genius.

Movies With The Best Plot Twists of all Time

Movies With The Best Plot: PARASITE

The movie breaks the conventional form of storytelling and breaks the whole movie in its middle and we are presented with two stories which are contradicting each other. One story is about a family struggling with money who finally gets the closure they deserve. But in the middle, the act starts to getting more horrendous, the story becomes intense. The movie won two awards at the Oscars. One for the best movie and one for the best foreign movie.

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Movies With The Best Plot Twists of all Time

Movies With The Best Plot: ONCE UPON A TIME IN…….HOLLYWOOD

This movie is by Quentin Tarantino and we all know how it should have ended. And he delivered. But this movie also surprised us. Till the last of the movie, just before the character of Bradd Pitt was stoned, we can’t even predict something like this would have happened. We were expecting the real-life story but he gave us something more extravagant.

Movies With The Best Plot Twists of all Time

Movies With The Best Plot: PSYCHO

Alfred Hitchcock is known as a genius in the Thriller genre. We all know his bomb under the table theory. His movies are filled with plot twists no one could have figured out. Psycho is the same. In the movie, no one could have figured out that our main guy has a personality disorder. The films also explore the side-effects and the feeling of remorse that is not present in the subject.

Movies With The Best Plot Twists of all Time

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