Movies That Have Beautiful Ending:

One of the major parts of the movies is their endings. It’s the time which can make a movie good or bad. There are many good films which are just bad because it does not deserve the ending it got. Then there are movies that can make us cry just because it ends beautifully. Like a poem. We are talking about the ending of the movie, so there will be spoilers. This is a Spoiler Warning. Be cautious. So without any delay let’s start with the list of Movies That Have Beautiful Ending.

Movies That Have Beautiful Ending: LA LA LAND

This is one of the most beautiful movies by Damien Chazelle. The first musical by this director and he nailed it. This is the story of two artists who want to be big in their field and their struggles to do it. This movie explores the idea of a mutual breakup. This has one of the most beautiful endings one could offer. That has grief in it as well as they are happy for each other. The color palette, the music, the acting, everything about this ending is great.

Movies That Have Beautiful Ending

Movies That Have Beautiful Ending: INCEPTION

One of the Christopher Nolan’s Masterpieces. He takes us on a journey of dreams. we ride in his philosophy of loneliness and happiness. This is a movie about some guys who break into people’s dreams to extract information. They got a mission where they don’t have to extra this time but to plant an idea. In the end, we see our main guy Cobb, reunites with his children but he does not care if he is in reality or still dreaming. He has found happiness.

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Movies That Have Beautiful Ending


This movie is about a guy who was wrongly accused of murdering his wife and was put into jail. In the jail itself, he meets his friend Red, who is played by Morgan Freeman who is like a smuggler in the jail. You want anything you go to him. Our main guy suffered a lot in this confined place. The movie explores the ideas of home and loneliness. Where do we belong? In the end when Andy breakout from there, we see he left a letter for Red, and he receives it and they met on the beach just how Andy dreamt it.

Movies That Have Beautiful Ending

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