LGBTQ Characters We Need Marvel to Confirm:

Marvel Cinematic Universe is again the greatest franchise of Hollywood. It’s a profitable franchise as well as a diverse franchise. But there are only a few marvel characters who do not belong to the LGBTQ community. Recently we saw the movement which arises from the Black Panther. Black Panther was not just a movie. It became political because of the nature of the movie. There were Black superhero movies but Black Panther became the most profitable and most hit among them. The black community now has a movie they can say have a powerful non-apologetic main LGBTQ character. It’s time for the same as LGBTQ and Muslim community should have a character.

LGBTQ Characters: LOKI

Loki is one of the most important and famous characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, Loki is a Norse God and one of the first gods whose gender is fluid. It was not confirmed until recently when the trailer of Loki was released, we saw in the description that he is fluid.

LGBTQ Characters We Need Marvel to Confirm


Valkyrie was first introduced in Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor Ragnarok. In the comic Valkyrie is a bisexual character and in the movie, they made it clear and also we saw in Avengers Endgame too about the sexual nature of Valkyrie. There was also a scene in Thor Ragnarok, edited out from the final cut because the studio intervened.

LGBTQ Characters We Need Marvel to Confirm


Peter Quill is by far the most fun character in Marvel Cinematic Universe. When the movie was released people instantly fell in love with the character. Although the movie does not address it and showed Gaora as his love interest. But in the comics, Peter Quill aka Starlord is bisexual. And we are waiting for marvel to open him as a bisexual.

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LGBTQ Characters We Need Marvel to Confirm


Mystique is the best character in X-men after of course after Wolverine. She has been a hero and an Anti-hero. She is one of the most complex characters in the whole X-men universe. In the movie, they did not confirm whether she does belong to LGBTQ or not. But we know because of movies and comics that she can change her sexual orientation from time to time.

LGBTQ Characters We Need Marvel to Confirm

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