14 Phere, An Upcoming Movie on Caste:

Bollywood has always been behind in making movies about the reality of India. It was started in the 1980s, when the plot of India was about the problems faced by the people of India, on the basis of class, caste, economy. movies were made sowing the social injustice towards the lower caste people, people from lower class and in the 1980s, it shifted to this plot of an India without problems and promoting the social values of India. Movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. There were movies that were made on a small budget that was talking about the social problems Indian citizens faced. But they were released 14 Phere, An Upcoming Movie by small independent production houses and distributed in small circles.

14 Phere, An Upcoming Movie

But now we are making movies about caste violence, movies about human and animal rights, inequality based on a number of factors, Projecting what really happens in a court and not, “tareekh par tareekh”. And one of those such movies is an upcoming movie about Caste.

14 Phere, An Upcoming Movie


The release date of this movie was the 9th of July. There is no confirmation by the Director or the Studio that they are shifting the movie or postponing the movie because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, we have to take the 9th of July as a confirmation of the release date. It will be released in theatres and not on streaming platforms. It is possible that the movie will be later brought up by a streaming platform most probably Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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14 Phere, An Upcoming Movie


The movie has a splendid cast. The lead characters of Sanjay and Aditi are going to be played by Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda respectively. There are more actors, like the character of Zubina will be played by Gauahar Khan. There are three more actors on the list mentioning the character they will playing and their names are Yamini Das, Vinay Pathak, Vineet Kumar, and many more. The director of the movie is Devanshu Singh. He is known for his amazing directorial debut of Chintu ka birthday which was praised by critics and also was promoted by many famous peoples. He has already worked with Vinay Pathak in Chintu ka Birthday.

14 Phere, An Upcoming Movie


The story will most probably focus on two people who are in love but there is a difference between their families because of an old Indian custom called the Caste system. You can find this in Hindus as well as Indian Muslims. This was also the major plot in Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat. And I am excited to watch this movie and see how they tackle this problem.

14 Phere, An Upcoming Movie

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