Alone Season 8 Episode 3: Release Date , Spoiler Discussion and Watch online

Alone Season 8 Episode 3 is somewhat light and Refreshing after the Intense events in the Previous Episode. However for the next Episode participants are placed at different parts of Chilling Vancouver Island, they are supposed to tackle each and every complication must survive with only limited resources which they are bound to use productively.

What is the Release Date of Alone Season 8 Episode 3? and where to watch 

Now that you have up to date the Latest thrilling Episode is just 3 days away. The episode is scheduled to premiere on 17th June 2021 at 9:30 PM, ET. Each episode has a runtime of about 90 minutes.

You can watch every episode on History Chanel at the respective time slot and the live streaming platforms such as DirecTV, FUBO TV, SLING TV, PHILO TV are also available, and each and every episode is premiered on Netflix too.

A quick recap of Episode 2 of Season 8

In this very episode, the rest of the members will enter one by one. The very first one on the list is NATE, a 46-year-old military veteran who considers himself as a problem solver and even announces that this ability is the biggest that he owns. He is perfect with the survival skills, to adapt to any situation, constructed a house for himself and he even posses an interesting advantage grousing while fishing, which leads to the incident with Nate and squirrels.

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Next on this list is Michelle, a potential Participant, her first kill for survival was Cricket, she insists on having a comfy chair for her and later challenges to construct a shelter larger than that of Nate’s. In the beginning, she was inclined to plant food soon or later she must depend on the meat.

Colter is the third person that has shown in this episode. Colter is a simple and very easy-going person, unbothered, and doesn’t care about what to do next. As soon as he saw the Lake he was very much interested to build the boat and he even did it. we should see whether it is useful or not for him in upcoming episodes.

The fourth participant is Teresa is definitely going on a different path rather than the rest of the participants, her focus mainly on the pre-historic and the stone age survival skills. Teresa has constructed a very old-styled unique home which is a pit, she calls it her home and we will wait and see how far this will work out for her. The final participant Is Jordan, he is very much interested in bushcraft and hunting which enables him to make a trap. His introduction is weird that he is shown while eating an art.

What to expect in Episode 3?

The title of this episode is “Chewed Up ” as the episode advances we will see the participant’s versatile survival skills. The very important element that they should gather the food as best as they can.  The participants are allotted their respective locations at CHICO LAKE in British as they must survive on their own with the available resources.

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In this episode we will see Nate’s fight with squirrels and how will he exhibit his smart skills and his physical ability. we will see MICHELE’s plan of constructing a larger house. Colter’s unbothered behavior is quite disturbing yet we shall wait and see. we will see Teresa and her obsession with Prehistoric ideologies. Finally, Jordan sure exhibits his unique talent of Bush Crafting.

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