The Flash Season 7 Episode 13: Release Date and Cecile Fate Explored

The Flash has been running for a successful 7 seasons since its premiere in October 2014. Based on the character from DC comics, the show is a spin-off series from the Arrowverse. It has been airing on The CW since the start and is well-liked by the viewers and critics. It was also renewed for season eight in the February of this year. The Seventh season has been airing since 2nd March and has 12 episodes so far. And we have The Flash Season 7 Episode 13 coming the next week.

The series follows the character called Barry, who gains the power of super speed and makes use of it to fight crimes and other antagonists who have more than average abilities, as the famous superhero Flash.

The last episode showed the Team Flash together fighting the 2.0 Rainbow Raider version, while Cisco announces his new job which would require him to move to Star City. After some misunderstanding and confrontation, the trio has made up and is remembering their time together. He leaves his responsibilities to Chester.  The ending showed Cecile saying to the reflection that she would find it. The episode was the last appearance of the character Cisco, who would be leaving the show.

The Flash Season 7 Episode 13: Release Date and Cecile Fate Explored

The Flash Season 7 Episode 13 Release Date:

The show has been releasing episodes every week on Tuesday. The Flash Season 7 Episode 13 titled Masquerades would release on 15 June at the time 8 pm. It would be available on The CW channel, also on the official website, and other video purchase services.

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Cecile’s Fate Explored:

The Flash Season 7 Episode 13 promo is already out and can be viewed on the following link given below:

The official synopsis for the next episode is also released and is as follows:

CECILE IS TRAPPED – Cecile is forced to confront her past in order to break free from a psychic prison. Meanwhile, Chester takes over for Cisco but makes a mistake that puts Barry in serious danger. Joe investigates Kristen Kramer’s old military ties and discovers an unsettling truth.

Cecile would be the main focus in the next episode which would explore the main part of the story. As the synopsis and promo hints, Cecile would have to face the past for getting out of the prison where she is stuck. Barry would also get stuck there. How she overcomes it and escape could only be seen in the next episode.

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