Shows Which Have Been Renewed for Season 2:

We are really living in the golden age of TV shows. We have hundreds of TV shows and half of them are worth watching. There are many shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ which have been greenlit for the next season Audience love to see their favorite characters on screen again and again and again. Here is a list of Shows which have been renewed for season 2:


This Netflix series released just two months back in April and has gained a huge fan following since. Just after two months of the release of the first season, Netflix already announced its second season. This series is based on the book of the same name by Leigh Bardugo. The movie follows a character named Alina Starkov and the evil forces who wants to destroy her.


Apparently, Amazon is investing 1 billion dollars in the first season of the series. They already announced the second season. This series will be exciting for all the Lord of the Rings fans out there. The lord of the rings will be a prequel to the movies and will be based on the novel by J. R. R. Tolkien.


This is set in classical England and this is a story about 8 brothers and sisters of a royal family trying to exit the trauma and find love. This is a beautiful series and has made news all over the world. It was a bold choice to renew it for a second season.

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Witcher was highly criticized by the critics but it was loved by the audience. It is based on a game by the same name and the gamers were excited to watch it. The audience also said that Henry Cavill was just perfect for the role. Because of the show’s popularity, it has been renewed for the next season and we have already seen a number of fan tweets related to this.


This show became an instant hit in 2017 when it was released. The second season of the show was predicted from the start but it was not officially announced. But at last, the creators of the show officially announced the next season.

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