Travelers Season 4: Release Date, Cancellation Rumors & More

Updates on Travelers Season 4

It’s been 2 years since Netflix’s popular web series ‘Travelers’ has been canceled. To fan’s discomfort, there’s literally no sign of keeping the show from the makers. The reason behind the cancellation is still unknown to the viewers. However, ‘Travelers Season 4′ fan has taken a step by themselves for the sake of the show.

Petition to Bring Back Travelers

It seems like true fans of ‘Travelers’ are keen to bring back the show. Not to mention the sci-fi drama series has created a loyal fan base with its back-to-back 3 seasons till 2019. As the show, is still streaming on Netflix, new fans are being born daily. Their craving for the continuation of the story might bring a change to the system.

Travelers Season 4: Release Date, Cancellation Rumors & More
Travelers Season 4: Release Date, Cancellation Rumors & More (Updated)

Actually, an active petition in Change.Org has been made 2 years ago in 2019, as soon as the cancellation news arrived. Lauren Brown started this petition targeting 15K signatures. The signing rate is moreover slow, but they are constantly hoping for good news. Till today 10,231 supporters have signed the petition. Sooner their target will get completed.

Future of ‘Travelers’ and Fans Reactions

There’s no sign from either Netflix or show maker Brad Wright. Meanwhile, Netflix is currently producing new shows to capture a younger audience. Their brand new sci-fi shows and fantasy dramas such as Stranger Things, Riverdale, Lucifer, Money Heist, etc. are kept getting renewal seasons. Shows like Travelers, Altered Carbon, I Am Not Okay With This, etc. was jabbed off.

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Travelers Season 4: Release Date, Cancellation Rumors & More

Fans are showing disgrace too. In that petition comment section, one user wrote: “This is a top-quality, time travel show. Something there are too few of. The cast and writing are excellent. It should be renewed.”

Cast Future Projects

Travelers lead actor Eric McCormack’s future projects include- Drinkwater (2021), which is in post-production, another one is Queen Bee which has been announced lately. Another cast member MacKenzie Porter has established her singing career. Recently she has been featured on the song ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ with Dustin Lynch in March 2021.

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