Schalke Relegated after 30 Years in Bundesliga

Schalke, popular professional football teams initially formed in 1904, horrific relegation is finally official on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, and it’s pretty much expected. Without a single win in 31 Bundesliga games is the root for losing hierarchy.

Relegated after 30 years in Bundesliga

Schalke had not won a single game for the 31 Consecutive games of the season, was relegated from Bundesliga for the first time since 1987/88. and choose to lose the game against Arminia Bielefeld. The game was predictable and the fan base was not present for the game is the ironic downfall of Schalke.

Schalke Relegated after 30 Years in Bundesliga

As of yesterday, the relegation after 30 years is confirmed in the reign of Schalke with 1-0 loss at Arminia Bielefeld, April 20, 2021. Having only ten members at the last 19 minutes after defender “Malick Thiaw” was sent off for a second yellow card.

Fabian Klos, Arminia Bielefeld’s captain has scored the winner early in the second half. Goal! DSC Arminia Bielefeld 1, FC Schalke 04 0. Fabian Klos (DSC Arminia Bielefeld) left footed shot from outside the box to the bottom left corner assisted by Amos Pieper at the 49 minutes of the game.

Match ends at Arminia Bielefeld 1, FC Schalke 04 0 at the 94 minutes match . The loss of Schalke is tragic and the coaches could help but the situation is off of the hands. Even the manager “Gerald Asamoah “was expecting the loss and predicted how sad the fans were knowing the fact Schalke would be relegated definitely.

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Eventually, Schalke defender Malick Thiaw is sent off at the last minutes is an ironic display of their loss of identity and losing their reign.

Schalke Relegated after 30 Years in Bundesliga

Setbacks of Schalke F.C

Schalke has been tossing and turning for past years, drastic changes have made yet there is no minimum amount of progress yet it still remained to continue to hold its hierarchy. The club is reported as debts of almost €200 million ($224 million) which might increase its scale by the end of the year.

scandals involving former chairman Clemens Tönnies, Where he made comments on Africa, made his suspend him from the position of chairman for the period of 3 months in the year 2019.

Schalke Relegated after 30 Years in Bundesliga

The hectic change of coaches of 5 for one single season remained controversial, despite this strategy Schalke has not won a single game. Though Schalke is one of the most supported clubs, unfortunately, the club is no more to be supported by its fans as of yesterday i.e 20 April 2021, the stadium remained deserted no minimum base of fans to be seen at the game Schalke VS, Armina Bielefeld.

No one could bring back Schalke’s reputation for their own reckless strategies, rapid changes, financial deficit due to coronavirus pandemic if fans weep over the loss but to notice it would useless now but to remain strong and support Schalke in the future. Schalke heads into the second division saddled with 217 million euros ($261 million) of debt now is high time for Schalke to regain its legacy.

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