Overlord Season 4: Renewal and Release Date Updates for 2021

Overlord season 4 is one the most popular anime in the Isekai sub-genre, which basically means that a person or character is transferred into a different fantasy world or alternate universe altogether. As most everything else Overlord began as a light novel in 2010, which got adapted into manga in 2014. Later it got adapted to anime in 2015 by Madhouse, the studio which gave animes like Hunter X Hunter and One punch man, with the premiere on 7th July.

Overlord Season 4: Renewal

The other genres for anime are Dark Fantasy, Adventure, and Science Fiction. It consists of a total of 39 episodes till now with 13 episodes in each season. The novel and manga readers have quite an idea about what to expect from the new season.

The anime is set in the 22nd Century or to be more precise in the year 2125 where there are online multiplayer games with elaborate titles in short known as MMORPG, one of the famous games called YGGDRASIL, a highly interactive role-playing game which ran for more than 10 years. The game after its long run is to shut down and only one of the remaining members of the guild Momonga aka Ainz Ooal Gown still plays as the leader.

Overlord Season 4: Renewal and Release Date Updates for 2021

Now as the servers are shutting down he chooses to stay till it closes. However the game is changed into a reality, he is now forced to stay in his game form, a skeleton powerful warrior king form. With no one in his life, he starts to explore the world in reality and fighting anyone who comes in between his choices. All the game features are being shut down such as chat and logs, even the Non-Playing Characters are becoming more human and conscious of themselves.

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It also has 2 Compilation films named Undead King and Dark Warrior respectively, recapping the occurrences and featuring additional scenes of the first season of the anime. As in many anime, the last season ended with a cliffhanger, leaving many things unsaid and for fans to figure out and to learn the answers.

The second season released almost 3 years later in 2018, the anime also saw the next season release the same year. After again almost 3 years, the possibility for Season 4 remains. So, would we get a Season 4 and the date it would air on?

A game was also released based on the same novel, manga and anime called Mass for the dead but it did not receive any good feedbacks and was not much successful.

Overlord Season 4: Release Date

The anime was confirmed to return for Season 4 on 8th May 2021 through an announcement made by the voice artist of the characters Ainz, Shalltear Bloodfallen, and Albedo on behalf of the production team. The same studio that adapted the first 3 seasons would be returning as well. The Director and scriptwriter would be returning as well.

Overlord Season 4: Renewal and Release Date Updates for 2021

It was also announced that there might be a new film as well. The confirmation was made on the live streaming platform on Nico Nico. The announcement was already known as it had been leaked earlier and only days before the official news. The new season can be of 13 episodes if they follow the previous season format. The teaser can be expected in some time.

Previous seasons are available to watch on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other anime streaming sites. There is no official release date by now.

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Overlord Season 4: New Updates

The same voice actor cast for the characters of Ainz, Albedo, Shalltear, Demiurge, Aura, Cocytus, and Mare is confirmed to be back for the upcoming season. The new season would be based on the 10th light novel which has the arc Ruler of Conspiracy, Craftsman of Dwarf which is the title of the 11th volume and may extend the adaptation till the 12th volume or more and is already in work of production. It would also be covering the Arc of the Holy Kingdom.

The Writer of the original work light novel Maruyama has declared that the series would end on Volume 17. The light novel has wide popularity with a large number of readers. There hasn’t been any other official news regarding the movie revealed now, nor any official news about the cast or staff working for the movie.

The Director has also revealed that both the new movie and anime season are underway for the production. The streaming announcement also unveiled the two new art work for the anime, one of the arts done by the Light Novel illustrator So bin.

In the last season finale, Ainz was seen ruling the kingdom called the Sorcerer Kingdom, so mostly more would be seen on the same. Also, the 10th volume which is the base for the adaptation introduced rival nations. Also, their leaders would be introduced, so more conflict may follow. Therefore if the anime follows the same steps, there would be a similar concept in it.

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