Happy Season 3: Release Date and Renewal Status

It’s been a long time since we saw Happy! in season 2 that was released in 2019. Happy! Is based on New York Times best-selling author Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s graphic novel. Its main characters include Nick Sax with an imaginary blue unicorn named Happy. Fans may be a little disappointed knowing Syfy had officially declared that they would not feature Happy anymore. But, there is still little hope because of an online petition. Maybe another network will take the show and we can get Happy season 3 and awaited season after such a long time.

Happy Season 3: Renewal Status

Happy Season 3: Release Date and Renewal Status

Syfy had already announced that Happy Season 3 is canceled. There was always a rumor running around about it since June 2019. Therefore, it did not affect much after that announcement. Happy Season 2 was a big backdrop from the viewership. 

Season 2 of Happy had a 0.09 rating and 280,000 viewers. Statistically, compared with season 1, it was down by 56% in the demo and 57% in the viewers. Usually, no network wanted to see these types of ratings, hence Syfy decided to cancel its season 3. There can also be some other reason to cancel the show. Not only Happy but it was also decided to cancel other shows including Deadly Class, Channel Zero, and Killjoys in 2019.

The comeback of Happy Season 3

Though there is no possibility of a comeback on Syfy, there is also some hope for the viewers that some other networks can pick this show and feature it with some additional changes. According to reports, Universal Content Production is already planning to shop the series out to other networks. That can be happy news for the viewers.  

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However, there is a possibility that Netflix might pick up this show as it is having better reviews on this platform. 

Release Date of Happy Season 3

The season 3 release date is dependent on when the show would be picked by another network.  It seems that it would take a long time. As we all know, the gap between the previous season was about 14 months. If it would also take the eventual time, then the possibility lies that season 3 would release in 2022 or 2023. Hoping for the best.

About Season 3

Season 3 may release but everyone is excited about the new things or happiness it will bring. The plot of season 3 started with Nick Sax living his lifestyle with Happy, the imaginary blue unicorn, and getting drunk and far from society.  They would be landing on a holiday. It happened within a vision of Easter. In an interview, Patrick Macamanus, The Executive producer of the series, said that every season should land down with a holiday with different destinations. 

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