Brooklyn Nine Nine Finale Season Trailer & Date released

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season is back for the last time with a cool cool cool last season. The first trailer for the show was released by NBC on 20th May.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered in 2013 September and was almost canceled until NBC picked the show for Season 6. The series also saw some criticism because of it being police featured show during the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the show decided to scrap the script for the last season and start freshly new with the concept of racial discrimination.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale Season

The story follows the detectives and their captain of the 99th precinct of Brooklyn and their adventures and cases. The Show also has diverse representation with half the cast being from different ethnicities. With an amazing cast including Andy Samberg, Terry Crews and many others the fan-loved show has had a long run. The last season ended with Jake and Amy having a baby.


The Trailer was released on YouTube and can be seen on the following link:

The trailer consisted of different moments from the series long run of seven years and the cast talking about how their experience was working in the show. The show will come to its end with eight seasons. Brooklyn Nine-Nine had many great moments including the famous Halloween Heist and so many catchphrases.

However, the comedy sitcom was even serious at times with covering some issues. In an Interview, Melissa who plays Amy talked about half the production is done and the ending would be satisfying for the fans.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine Finale Season Trailer & Date released

Release Date:

After being delayed due to a pandemic then after completely changing the script, the show has been announced to release on 12th August. The final season would consist of ten episodes. NBC also announced the show would release 2 episodes each week back to back every Thursday, so the show will air for 5 weeks approximately.

It was announced last month that to give it a good exit the show will air the last season after the Tokyo Olympics to be available for the most audience.

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