US Capitol attack: House Approves Bill to Set up Probe

Investigation on pro-Donald Trump protesters is now to be decided by the Senate. The U.S Senate was supposed to vote on two bills that prevent more attacks on the U.S Capitol, to study what went wrong on 6th January. The US House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the bill. The bill suggests that a bipartisan commission will be formed to investigate the attack on The Capitol.

Majority of the bill

The bill which would study what went wrong on 6th January was passed by the House of Representative. It so happened, that few significant Republican lawmakers voted for the bill that was 35 out of 211 defying the party leaders who attempted to block the proposal. The bill was approved in the House by 252-175. After being approved by the House the bill is now passed on to the Senate. The future of the bill is still not clear because the Senate needs to approve it as well.

What was the proposal?

The proposal stated that the bill would establish a panel commission of 10 members which will include five members appointed by each party. The panel would investigate the attack on the US Capitol by pro-Trump supporters. The bill would study and investigate the situation created in the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

John Katko a House Republican who worked with the Democrats to craft a deal on the commission said to his colleagues that,” This Commission is built to work and it will be depoliticized and it will get the results we need” regarding the bill. He added,” I urge all of you in the body, all of you on both sides, to set aside politics just this once.”

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This commission for 6th January is expected to be as high profile as the 2002 panel that probed the 9/11 attacks on the US. Now the future or the bill to be passed completely depends on The Senate’s power. The bill will only be passed if the Senate approves or disapproves the proposal.

The chamber is divided into two equal parts with Vice President Kamala Harris having the exclusive power to break a tie. It doesn’t finish on that because 10 Republicans would have to join the Democrats to pass the measures of the bill becoming law. Mitch McConnell a Senate Republican leader initially did blame former President Donald Trump for inciting the attack on Capitol. But by Wednesday he has changed his mind saying,” After careful consideration, I have made a decision to oppose the House of Democrats, slanted and unbalanced commission to study the events of January 6th.”

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