The US Secretary of State Blinken to provide international support to Gaza: Here’s everything you need to know.

U.S State Secretary Antony Blinken arrived in Israel with a motive to rally International support which will aid Gaza. He is starting off his journey by touring the Middle East to shore up the last week’s ceasefire at Gaza. He has addressed the conflict by saying that Palestinians and Israelis both deserve a safe and secure life. They deserve equal freedom and democracy.

Blinken is in Israel to look into the matter and apply suitable measures. His main purpose is to aid Gaza after the devastating war taking place for the past 11 days. He will be looking into the reconstruction as a damage control without engaging Hamas rulers.

All about the meeting between, Blinken and Benjamin Netanyahu.

PM Netanyahu is on the verge of facing criticisms from Israelis as he neglected the thought of forcibly halting Palestinian rockets attacks which worsened the situation. Blinken said that” we know that to prevent a return to violence, we have to use the space created to address a larger set of underlying issues and challenges which begins with tackling the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza and starting to rebuild”. Hoping that this might end the war which is been carried on for quite some time now.

Along with the reconstruction he ensured that Hamas will not benefit from the reconstruction assistance. The main motive of the US is to rally international support to the crisis along with making its own significant contributions.

President Joe Biden has said that the visit of Mr. Blinken will result in working with regional partners like Egypt and Jordan who made peace with Israel years ago. The coordinated international effort will provide immediate aid assistance to Gaza. The Biden administration has faced a lot of criticism saying that the U.S had rubbed it hands off the conflict. Nevertheless, it defended itself by claiming that the U.S was engaged in high-level diplomacy to support the cease-fire.

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In a recent interview, Mr. Blinken has confirmed that the administration is now focused on building something more positive.

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