The. One. Where. They. Get. Back. Together: Friends Reunion trailer out.

When the world was not yet over with the nostalgic teaser of Friends Reunion, the Reunion Trailer broke the Internet. The trailer released on Wednesday instantly trended with the caption “I am not crying you are”. This statement itself proves that people were emotionally hit by seeing the trailer which replenished all the memories from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The. One. With. The. Trailer

First and foremost the trailer gives us a view that the Friends Reunion is not going to be a new series. As announced the reunion special will drop on 27th May on HBO Max Platform. The full trailer was released on Wednesday which got all the friend’s fans nostalgic. The trailer starts by saying “the test is ready” yes the reunion will bring the cast playing trivia again.

The much-awaited Reunion is just like a normal talk show which is unscripted, where the fans get to see their favorite six as themselves reliving the iconic show friends moments. So far the trailer depicts the show to be old friends sitting together and chatting about golden memories. As for the viewers, it’s definitely like meeting some old friends after away a long time.

The trailer is a complete sneak peek for the fans, it does tell the fans what to expect. It has received a very overwhelming response; fans are willingly waiting for their beloved show to stream again with the original cast as themselves. If you are a true fan the show is going to touch your heart. If you missed the trailer the link is provided below:

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Friends Reunion trailer out What to expect?

The trailer suggests that the show is a “real-life unscripted celebration of the show FRIEND’S”. Celebration because the cast will be recreating a few dialogues and situations which was previously seen on the iconic show. The Friends Reunion defines the term “reunion” as the six actors come back together replenishing memories.

The trailer shows parts of the question trivia from Friends with a new set of questions about the show. Not only this Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe will be seen recreating the iconic scene where she finds out about Monica and Chandler shouting “my eyes, my eyes”. Matt LeBlanc and Mathew Perry as Joey and Chandler will be seen sitting on the relaxing chairs again. The unscripted reunion will show Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Mathew Perry and David Schwimmer will return to the iconic comedy’s original soundstage, stage 24, on the Warner Bros Studio lot in Burbank.

The actors as themselves will be sharing their experiences while shooting the 10 seasons of friends. The trailer also gives us a sneak peek of Richard and Janice, Tom Selleck, and Maggie Wheeler living their iconic characters on the show. Reese Witherspoon will also be a guest appearance on the show, who played Rachel’s sister Jill. This is what the trailer suggests till now and the fans are eagerly waiting for 27th May.

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