The Best Part of Uncharted 4 Is Its Most Nostalgic Scene

The Thief’s end marks Nathan Drake’s story, but part of the game is almost nostalgic. The unknown franchise has been developed for several years. However, there are many of the most interesting moments in the show. Nathan Drake has experienced tense moments, from driving a derailed train over the cliff in Uncharted 2: Rogue, to being free in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Unhealthy man falling body.

Uncharted 4: Nostalgic Scene

In the “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” series, these moments have become another distant memory of the hero. Since then, the franchise has grown into one of the best travel franchises in the game. The protagonist is also involved in the painful adventure. However, the Top Point Raider franchise did not spend much time looking back at past adventures and recalling the pleasant times before.

The Best Part of Uncharted 4 Is Its Most Nostalgic Scene

Lightning like this can be found in an unknown TV series, and this is one of the most nostalgic moments in the finale. In the fourth chapter titled “Traditional Life”, it is shown that Nathan lives in the suburbs with his wife Elena. Since his daily behavior also slows Nate’s movements, the people in the attic will work for him. In this scene, the player will be exposed to what can only be imagined as a mini-museum.

The entire front and rear areas are decorated with many of Nate’s adventurous moments. Players can even inspect these artifacts attached to a Spanish coin on a German submarine warship from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. The previous notebooks in Drake’s previous games were found together in the attic. In the main game are pictures of Nate, Elena and Sally. When the player is done exploring, they can swallow an arrow and engage in a fictitious battle in which Drake shoots at a target that sounds like an enemy in the previous game.

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Throughout history, this scene has played multiple roles. The improved shooting experience on PlayStation 4 makes players feel at home. In addition, it proved that Nate will not leave time for travel. Drake is close to living in a normal and stable residential area, and he can use any opportunity to risk life. Neck again. Soon after, he and his brother vowed to start searching for Captain Avery’s treasure, a scene that strengthened his deeper approach to temporary fake games.

Thief’s End is the perfect ending to the vibrant Naughty Dog series. The stories of Nathan Drake are very deep, and together they provide the most effective emotional game in the entire series. However, if he does this, it will destroy Drake’s need for another journey, and it will also give players no chance to experience the most exciting part of the entire game.

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