Samsung Galaxy tab S7 lite VS iPad 5 Features That Makes Galaxy Tab Better

SAMSUNG GROUP, better known for its high efficient electronic devices. Having said that it has its own production of a variety of electronics, appliances, digital media devices, and integrate systems. Now all its products are 5G capable smartphones, spectacular foldable smartphones. SAMSUNG TAB S7 LITE to be launched on  August 5, 2021.

After all why all this Buzz about, the latest speculation from industry insider Steve, SAMSUNG TAB S7 LITE is to be launched during the month of June 2021. With its attractive appearance, features Samsung tab S7 lite, yet another day of surprises and whispers, take a sneak peek at SAMSUNG TAB S7 and further details could be addressed on event hosting by the company upcoming “Unpacked Event” On April 28, 2021.

On what basis Samsung S7 is superior to IPAD 5

Both Samsung tab S7 lite and iPad 5 are exceptionally packed with versatile features and manufactured by different renowned world’s best electronic manufacturers. Performance, storage, battery, camera features, Network are noted as prominent basis for criteria.

LCD screens, 12.4-inch display are been featured as in design for Samsung Tab Lite S7 that operate at 120Hz or more can help you keep your vision clear, whereas the IPAD mini 5, which came into the market in 2019, has display technology of true tone to balance the ambient lighting of room with a 7.9-inch display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution.

Through the leak certain points have come to the surface, S7 lite is supposed to come in 3 variants such as 5G, 4G LTE, WIFI only, wireless communication with high speed powered by Snapdragon 750 G chipset, particularly single Nano sim enabling voice calls, iPad mini 5 supports 802.11 ac Wi-fi and Giga bite LTE, also voice calls through single sim attribute.

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Whereas SAMSUNG TAB S7 LITE is firmly designed with details of the strong metal frame, round corners, the iPad mini 5 is not completely identical but somewhere near to S7 lite with regard to the design of having rounded corners, but differed with thick bezels at the top.

The leak left the Android enthusiasts with another jaw-dropping feature of magnetic charging exactly that user could store and recharge the included stylus, also stereo speakers on either side. Another notable feature is regarding the 7000m AH battery supporting 15 w charging, which enables the period of the device for longer for almost 56 hours.

Practically the iPad mini 5 can’t beat the Samsung tab S7 for its battery life, while Samsung S7 could stay active for 56 hours, the iPad could barely last for 11 hours with its 19.32Wh battery.

Samsung S7 lite has a 13-megapixel dual-rear camera which is far ahead of the iPad 5 and an 8MP front camera for assisting video calls, selfies. iPad 5 is just having the capability of a 7-megapixel front cam lens but supports wide color capture and retina flash. The Samsung tab S7 lite is packed with 6GB RAM and with the internal storage of 128 GB  while the IPAD ran on 2 GB RAM and 256 internal storage.

The estimated price of the Samsung tab S7 lite is 744 dollars and IPAD 5 price is about  438 dollars.

launch of Samsung tab S7 lite, save your date on August 5

As per the sources, the launch date of the brand new SAMSUNG TAB S7 is going to launch on August 5, 2021. Samsung S7 lite is going to launch in four as in pink, silver, green, black. Also rumored that cases and detachable keyboard are being launched in the meantime.

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Finally, this time Samsung group had gone way ahead to leave the smartphone enthusiasts speechless with their fresh advanced technology.

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