Paul Walker Death Cause: How did Paul Walker Die? Crash Details and Accident Aftermath

Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker died at the age of 40, in a car accident in Los Angeles. He died sitting as a passenger with his friend, Roger Rodas driving the Porsche on 30 November 2013. The actor was amidst the filming of the Fast and Furious Franchise’s Seventh movie.

How did Paul Walker die?

Paul and his friend were attending Reach Out Worldwide, a charity event when the Porsche Carrera GT is driven by Roger Rodas, a professional driver, crashed into a concrete lamp post and trees. The car due to the crash set on fire. Walker died due to several fractures to the left jawbone, collarbone, pelvis, ribs, and spine, combined trauma effect, and burns according to the investigative report. Upon being discovered, both individuals were announced dead and the bodies were burned beyond recognition. No intoxications were detected in their system. According to the investigator, the driver lost control of the vehicle and then it slammed into the trees and lamppost.

Paul Walker Death Cause: How did Paul Walker Die? Crash Details and Accident Aftermath

Paul Walker Death Cause: Details

According to the report, the car was traveling at a speed of more than 100 mph, the vehicle crashed into the sidewalk, and the car’s right side slammed into a lamp post in Valencia, California. The car was discovered in a burnt-out state, with a major amount of damage, and appeared almost split, a statement by the coroner.

Paul Walker Death Cause: Aftermath

Walker accident happened when the actor had a few days of break from the shooting of the seventh film. The film shooting was completed by using earlier shot scenes by Paul and the remaining scenes were done by his brothers as his doubles.

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Paul’s 18-year-old daughter, Meadow Walker had filed a lawsuit against the car company Porsche after 2 years, blaming them to be responsible for his death. The allegation was that the car had control issues and lacked safety features. The investigation showed that the cause of the crash was not any intoxications or car failure but speed. The Company defended by saying that the actor knew the risk of the car and blamed the accident on reckless driving. Meadow and Porsche settled the ongoing lawsuit after 2 years without revealing the terms of the settlement.

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