Massive train Collision in Malaysia: More than 200 injured

Malaysia witnessed a massive light train collision on Monday at 8.45 pm which injured more than 200 people. It happened when two light trains collided in a tunnel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The incident took place in an underground tunnel near Petronas Twin Towers; reportedly it is the first major accident in the 23-year-old metro system.

Massive train Collision in Malaysia: The incident

The incident took place when an empty train on a test run after being repaired and another train carrying 213 passengers collided. Both the trains were traveling in opposite directions on the same track as claimed by district police Chief Mohamad Zainal Abdullah. The accident occurred about 100 meters away from the station, KLCC station.

The pictures which went viral on social media after the collision showed passengers lying on the floor of the carriage covered in blood along with shattered glasses. The Chief said that almost forty-seven people were severely injured and 166 others were found with minor injuries.

Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong confirmed to the local media that, “One carriage was travelling at 20Km and another was at 40 Km when the collision happened. This caused a significant jolt that threw some passengers out of their seats.”

Chief Mohamad Zainal said that “We are still investigating the incident but we suspect that there was a miscommunication from the trains.” The train which had customers was fully automated and controlled by the operation center, while the vacant train had a driver.  A complete investigation of the severe matter is pledged by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

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Afiq Luqman Mohmad Baharudin a 27-year-old passenger claimed that he witnessed the situation where he saw people flung from their seats falling on the floor of the train. He also reported that the train had stopped for 15 minutes just before the massive accident. He said, “We had only moved for a few seconds when the crash happened and the impact was so strong that I suffered injuries to my head, left leg, and chest.”

The crash has affected one of the three light rail lines connecting Kuala Lumpur to the surrounding suburbs.

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