Joe Biden Orders Probe into the Origins of Coronavirus: Know Everything About it.

On Wednesday U.S President Joe Biden called for American intelligence to probe into the origins of Coronavirus. He asked the intelligence to “redouble” the effort to analyze from where the virus originated. The main motive is to determine whether it emerged from human-animal contact or via laboratory. Adding to this President Biden creates a significant growing pressure on China to be open about the origins of the SARS-COV2 virus. The outbreak of which was first seen in Wuhan in 2020. As Wuhan institute of Virology is in Wuhan.

Biden’s review on the Coronavirus report

President Joe Biden claims that he has reviewed the report on the origins of the virus which is authored by the National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan. He says that the intelligence official and intelligence community has reviewed two possible scenarios, one of which has not yet reached a ‘definitive conclusion’ and the other is ‘low to moderate confidence. As a result of this Mr. Biden has asked for the probe.

Joe Biden said that” I have now asked the intelligence to redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion and report back to me in 90 days.” Adding to this he said the United States will work together with like-minded partners around the world and try to press China. Thus, U.S will participate with full transparency, evidence-based international investigation and will provide relevant data in the probe.

What is China saying?

Once the probe was asked the Chinese government rejected the theory that the virus may have emerged from a lab in Wuhan. It claimed that the U.S government peddling conspiracies that politicize the pandemic. Though, previously Beijing had stated that Covid -19 had come from a US laboratory.

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The statement by the Chinese embassy said that it supported a full investigation into “some secretive basses and biological laboratories all over the world.” On Thursday Chinese foreign ministry claimed that China hit out the “dark history” of the US intelligence after the probe announcement. The spokesperson also said that the “motive and purpose” of the US administration are very clear disguised as the probe.

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