Higurashi When They Cry Season 2 Release Date Confirmed for July 2021

The second season of Higurashi’s releasing date has been confirmed as July 2021 which is the summer anime season of 2021. The official name of the sequel to the second season of “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou”, (“Higurashi: When They Cry”, season 2) Higurashi: When they cry SOTSU. In the second season of “Higurashi” anime, the story of a long-running visual novel series has developed in a whole new direction.

Release Date And Updates

There are a total of 24 episodes in the first season, but there is no announcement of the process of Rizhao or the number of episodes of SOTSU. The new animation “Higurashi 2020: When They Cry” created by Japanese animation studio Passione can be understood from the anime “Citrus”, “Rokka: The Brave of Six Flowers” and “High School DxD Heroes”.

Higurashi When They Cry Season 2 Release Date Confirmed for July 2021

The director of the anime project “Higurashi 2020” is the director Keiichiro Kawaguchi. Also featured by Dropout Idol Fruit Tart, the framed girl, Hunter x Hunter, the second movie Mai Chiki! , Directed by Phantasy Star Online 2, Animation and Shadowverse. The main season aired on Funimation and Hulu. The English dubbing of Funimation’s Higurashi has been released on SimulDub.

Newcomers to Higurashi anime may have noticed that TV shows are based on many visible novelties. The story written by Ryukishi07 and developed by the 07th expansion has been converted into short stories (4 volumes), novels (17 volumes), manga (38 volumes), and movies and TV shows. And Higurashi: “The Cry Gou” is an adapted version of the manga released in October 2020.

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Higurashi’s story is divided into questionnaires and answer sheets. Initially, each bow was a free independent game. The audience commented on the secret granted. Fans’ expectations are even higher than in the main season. However, newcomers to the show may need some proof of what this means.

Before the premiere, the commercial for this new TV series was used as a resurrection or remake of “Higurashi 2020” with the title “Higurashi: When They Cry”. However, for episode 2, it soon became known that this was another matter. At the time of the last update, Studio Passione, Kadokawa, or any company related to anime production did not officially confirm the exact release date of Higurashi.

Higurashi Japanese animation SOTSU has confirmed that it is in production. After the news is officially confirmed, the relevant data will be added to this text. The design of Higurashi Gou is a story in itself, not the creation of anime fanatics, it can foresee the decision-making process of season 2. Higurashi SOTSU is a unique indirect sequel genre based on the common series “When They Cry”.

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