Four elections in Two years is not a common sight to witness: Israel

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a tough time to retain his political position. He has faced off against multiple rivals as the Israelis are all set for the fourth national election in two years. Israel is facing an unprecedented deadlock as the political parties are struggling to maintain coalition governments. The situation is tricky where it seems the longest-serving leader is seeking to hold onto his position.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s thoughts

The ongoing pandemic situation has provided a ray of hope to the longest-serving leader. According to Mr. Netanyahu, this time round he hopes that the voters will credit him for his coronavirus vaccination campaign. The vaccination campaign by the Benjamin administration holds one of the top shops around the world.

As a result of the vaccine campaign, Benjamin Netanyahu has gained confidence that his people will vote for him as the campaign has led to reopening shops, bars, and restaurants in Israel. On the other hand, it has decreased the covid-10 infections. In a run-up to voting amongst the crowd, he said,” We are the world champions in handling the coronavirus.”

The election scenario

The corruption charges on the 71-year old leader have provided a huge blow to his political career it seems. The government has tried to form a coalition government to retain the seats, however recently it is kind of breaking apart. This uncertain situation has led to four elections in two years. The party requires a huge number of backing to stand out in the election.

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As of now, his right-wing Likud party remains ahead in polls, it is also predicting to take 30-32 seats in the 120-seat parliament in the upcoming elections. Although Mr. Netanyahu still has to negotiate a coalition with smaller parties to gain the majority of 61-seats to form the government. The politician has always believed in the path of victory being called a “full rightwing government”. He believes in a party consisting of extreme nationalists, far-right parties.

What do the people think?

 As reported the Israel voters are in the favour of Benjamin Netanyahu. At a polling station in Jerusalem when asked to a voter she said that “Always Bibi Netanyahu”. Another 58-year old real estate broker said, “What he has done for us and still does, he gives himself for the country, I think he is protected by God.”

Despite of facing multiple corruption charges, including bribery and fraud Netanyahu remains very popular amongst Israelis when compared to other candidates.

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