Angelina Jolie judge John Ouderkirk Who Denied ‘fair trial’ in her Custody Battle: Know Everything About it.

It’s been months since the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt custody battle is going on, the recent update on the case states that Angelina Jolie has criticized the judge who holds the crucial decision on the case. She has criticized Judge John Ouderkirk, saying that he is being unfair as he has refused to allow their children to testify about the matter. The actress claims that the Judge has declined hearing relevant evidence to the children’s safety. Adding to this she said the documents don’t elaborate on the evidence which might be proved if the children testify.

The Accusation.

Angelina Jolie is on the verge of disqualifying Judge John Ouderkirk from their divorce case as she claims the on the filling on Monday he denied hearing evidence from the children. The actress said that the most relevant situation was for the children to testify, which documents can’t elaborate on. She said that the judge “has failed to adequately consider” a section of the California courts code.

The filling which was made in California’s Second District Court of Appeal stated that” Judge Ouderkirk denied Ms. Jolie a fair trial, improperly excluding her evidence relevant to the children’s health, safety, and welfare, evidence critical to making her case.” Angelina Jolie claims that the Judge is highly mistaken as the appeal determines the interests of the children. The custody should be given to the parent who does not have a history of domestic violence.

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The divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina was sought by Angelina in 2016. It happened when a fight broke out between the couple in a private flight which was carrying them from France to Loa Angeles. Brad Pitt was accused of being abusive towards their son who was fifteen at that time. The Child Welfare and FBI officials investigated the case after which it was closed with no charges against him. Though Angelina Jolie had filled the divorce case on the basis of the health of the family.

What does the California Code say?

Children over the age of 14 should be allowed to testify if they want to according to the California code. Angelina and Brad have three children who are teenagers, 17-year old Pax, 16-year old Zahara, and 14-year old Shiloh. Their oldest is 19 years old who is not subjected to the custody decision. Thus, according to the law, the children can testify for the case which has been denied by Judge Ouderkirk.

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