4 Reasons Why Mantis Shrimp is the Deadliest Creature in the Ocean

Mantis Shrimp also known as Stomatopod have many different names be it ‘prawn killers’ in Australia or ‘sea locusts’ by ancient Assyrians. Although their name is Mantis shrimp they are not shrimp but are distantly related to shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. Mantis Shrimp are amongst the most ancient animals on earth. They inhabit tropical and subtropical waters.

Why Mantis Shrimp is the Deadliest

In appearance, they are a spectrum color mix of green, orange, blue, and red. They may appear beautiful to behold but at the same time, they are quite dangerous.

  1. 4 Reasons Why Mantis Shrimp is the Deadliest Creature in the Ocean

Here are 4 reasons why Mantis Shrimp is the deadliest creature in the ocean:

  1. Striking Power: Mantis Shrimp attack is deadly, they have earned the name ‘thumb splitters’ due to its the power of attacking and inflicting harmful wounds if not handled properly. They strike with a force almost or more than 100 times it’s own weight, their weight being 0.6 kg. The accelerating is quicker than a .22-caliber bullet. The punch is so fast that it is faster than the blink of an eye. Their fast attack creates cavitation bubbles and leads to a shockwave which can kill. It is the strongest self-powered strike by an animal.
  2. Their body: Their species can be divided into spearers and smashers. Spearers have spiny appendages with barbed tips with which they can stab any soft-bodied animals. Smashers have club-like appendages, they can smash their prey to blood and crush them with it. They have a special layer to absorb shock which protects them. They also have a second pair of arms shaped like praying mantis which helps them to catch their prey. Researchers have been studying them to develop better body armor.
  3. Eyes: They have the most complex vision in the animal kingdom and they have eyes that can move on their own. Mantis Shrimp have trinocular vision meaning they can determine the distance by watching any object through three different regions.
  4. They can break glass: This is partly the reason they cannot be kept in an aquarium to be shown. Another reason being their attacking skills can be deadly for any other species of animals kept in the aquarium.
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