Kari and The Lost Shrines Game Review: A Game you should Play Once

Isha Foundation, a non-benefit association recently released a portable game, called Kari and The Lost Shrines. The game is a good step from the non-profitable organization.

Let’s have a look if Kari and The Lost Shrines game is worth playing or not.

The Lost Shrines Game: Rating

The game is right now accessible on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store while managing to take the top trending spot in the Play Store for the Adventure category.  The game presently holds a 4.7-star rating on the App Store and a 4.9-star rating on the Play Store.
Kari and The Lost Shrines game Review: A game you should play once

Kari and The Lost Shrines: Review

The game follows the hero Kari who needs to discover and gather lost relics and reestablish them to an Indian sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva, which once housed them. The game grandstands Kari as a champion defender who needs to run through the backwoods and cloak to discover these lost relics. Gradually after every one of the relics is recuperated, Kari can assemble the sanctuaries back.

Kari and The Lost Shrines game Review: A game you should play once

The ongoing interaction includes a 2D sidescrolling map where you need to wander around and discover the relics. The game is loaded up with map keys set wherever to help you discover the relics considerably more without any problem. The game has a solitary guide, and you should reestablish every one of the relics to a solitary sanctuary, however, the interactivity is partitioned into three levels, isolated by map levels.

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The game isn’t excessively long, and you can subsequent to gathering every relic utilize the teleporter shafts found wherever to rapidly return to the sanctuary and spot the relic. When you place the relic, the sanctuary will develop, showing you new pieces of it.

The Lost Shrines Game: Summary

Kari and The Lost Shrines is a straightforward side scroller that doesn’t stand apart much separated from the way that it attempts to feature a couple of Indian relics like the Natraj sculpture and giving realities about them. Generally speaking, The game is straightforward and can be played once at any rate.

Kari and The Lost Shrines game Review: A game you should play once

What do you think about this game? Have you tried it yet, Don’t forget to share your view down below.

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