K-scandal: Actress Seo Ye-ji Loses Advertisement Deals, Dropped From New Drama After her Recent Controversy

K-drama actress Seo Ye-Ji, 31, who got recently engaged in a controversy over how she had allegedly controlled her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-Hyun, has lost a bunch of endorsement deals.

The It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020) star has been swiftly dropped from advertisements by health and lifestyle brand New Origin, mask label AER and cosmetics brand Luna, among others.

Let’s Find more about this controversy.

Seo YeJi Replaced From Her New Drama

In the wake of the embarrassment, her lead role in a forthcoming drama, Island, which was about to begin shooting in June, will be recast. Likewise, a previous staff from her company has made some statements about her supposed obnoxious attack, dangers, and nonsensical conduct with them.

K-scandal: Actress Seo Ye-ji loses advertisement deals, dropped from new drama after her recent controversy

The unknown post gave some details and proof, for example, the entertainer shouting at the staff over little mix-ups, blowing tobacco smoke into their appearances, and checking their telephones to guarantee they didn’t record her conduct.

“Whenever she said she was in a bad mood, she never ate anything and so we were unable to eat. She also told us that actors are people who work solely with their emotions so we were expected to give in to everything she wanted.”

But with it also another staff has come out to protect the star, saying she had consistently treated individuals well.

To add oil to the fire, allegations about her being a bully during her school days have reemerged, despite the fact that her company had recently denied them.

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Seo Yeji and Kim Jung Hyun’s related Controversy

Yeji who began dating Kim in 2018, is rumored to have warned the entertainer to stay away from all his intimate scenes with his co-star Seohyun and different ladies on the drama of K-show Time (2018). Instant messages supposedly among Seo and Kim, which  Dispatch delivered on Monday, show her requesting that he should threaten different ladies, just as send her recordings of himself on set so she could screen him.

K-scandal: Actress Seo Ye-ji loses advertisement deals, dropped from new drama after her recent controversy

Nonetheless, her company gave a statement on Tuesday saying that it’s both the two lovers’ choice and that Kim had also set some restriction with Yeji as well!

Kim, 31, who therefore left the show referring to his going through mental issues, composed a sentimental post via social media on Wednesday and is supposed to be experiencing depression.

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