Bill Pulte Net Worth 2021: Wealth, Assets and More

Bill Pulte is a Twitter Philanthropist and also the grandson of the late founder William Pulte of PulteGroup. He rose to fame in 2019 when he started donating and handing out money on the social media platform Twitter. He recorded himself giving away money to strangers, giving away cars, and also donating on Twitter.

Bill Pulte Net Worth 2021: Wealth

Bill Pulte has a total net worth of $100 million. He claims that most of his wealth came from the 2 big deals of his company Pulte Capital which are: the sale of Southern Air & Heat Holdings in 2016 and the sale earlier this year of Astar Heating & Air in 2019 according to his statements to Freep in an interview in 2019. He gives away money from his wealth as part of philanthropy both online and offline.

Bill Pulte Net Worth 2021: Assets

Pulte owns a private equity firm named Pulte Capital which he opened in 2011. Also including the inherited money from his grandfather’s company PulteGroup which is ranked 3rd on the Builder 100 as the home construction company with largest numbers of the home closed. It is also ranked 312th position on the Fortune 500 companies list. He also has his own podcast ‘The Pulte Podcast’ on Apple Podcasts which has the following description ‘Giving Money and Knowledge’.

Twitter Philanthropy:

Pulte according to his Twitter bio is the Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy. He has over 2.9 million followers on Twitter. He keeps his audience updated with all the donations he makes and gives a platform to the people in need by highlighting their stories and guiding people towards the donation links. Bill claims that most of his donations are from the money he earned from his own company and not the inheritance he received from his family. His tweets include videos of him donating money, retweeting the message of people who he helped, and fundraiser links.

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Also, the announcement on Twitter of his intentions about donating $30,000 to a military veteran got him a retweet by then President Donald Trump. The reason for his increasing followers might be his tweets like ‘Giving a random person $100’. Due to this, he is known more as a philanthropist rather than for his work as CEO of Pulte Capitals.

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