Are DJ Snake and BLACKPINK’s Lisa Working on a New Collab? DJ Snake Spills the Tea.

Are DJ Snake and BLACKPINK’s Lisa

The friendship between DJ Snake and Lisa may finally result in a new collaboration as DJ Snake recently hinted on Twitter, fueling fan theories. When asked Blackpink singer Lisa and DJ Snake are working on a project, DJ Snake spilled some tea, which is giving fans some major excitement about their possible collab.DJ Snake has been in touch with YG Entertainment’s global popular K-pop group Blackpink for a while.

Let’s find more information about this rumored collab.

Are DJ Snake and BLACKPINK's Lisa working on a new collab?DJ Snake spills the tea.

Are DJ Snake and Lisa collaborating?

After Rose’s grand solo debut, Blinks are very excited for Lisa’s solo project as the singer has also been in talks for her solo debut this year. With the mysteries regarding her solo project, Blinks are taking the hint of DJ Snake and Lisa as a big breakthrough. A fan asked him, “I’m here to ask you if you will have a collaboration with Lisa, could you please answer!” to which the Grammy-nominated record producer replied, “We have something.”

DJ Snake x Lisa: ‘A summer bop’

The information on Lisa and DJ Snake collab had Blinks going into a craze as they are accepting it as an indication of drawing nearer to Lisa’s performance debut. A fan said, “whenever DJ snake created Lisa’s independence it’s going to be so fire!! a mid-year bop omg!” Another fan estimated, “LISA X DJ SNAKE A COLLABORATION THAT WE DIDN’T EXPECT. A DANCE MUSIC MAYBE FOR HER SOLO DEBUT?!?!” Another comparable tweet read, “Whenever Dj Snake will be the person who produces Lisa solo, it would completely lit af!” Another fan called attention to, “I actually can hardly imagine how Blackpink got David Guetta to deliver one of their melodies, and now there’s an opportunity for Lisa to likewise collab with Dj snake OHMYGOD!”

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DJ Snake released his album, ‘Carte Blanche’, in 2019 that included a list of pop stars including Selena Gomez, Ozuna and Cardi B, Tyga, and more. With a new possible project with K-pop stars, DJ Snake is for sure ensuring his global popularity to reach new heights.

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