One piece Chapter 1016 : Release Date, Spoiler Leak & Read manga Online

One Piece has been a long-running manga as well as anime and has a major following. The manga series passed its 1000 chapter mark in January this year. It also has a world record for the number of copies published as well as it is also the best-grossing franchise of all time. With running for more than 2 decades, it is bound to have many achievements.

The manga started out in July of 1997, with being adapted into anime since 1999 and both have been successfully running ever since. The manga follows the story of a boy called Luffy who accidentally eats a fruit which gives him the power of rubber-like effects and thereafter follows the pirate adventures.

One piece Chapter 1016 : Release Date, Spoiler Leak & Read manga Online

Last chapter which was titled Chains showed that the battle is still ongoing and amidst it Momonosuke understands Luffy is alive and reaches out to convey the same to everyone using the frog as a messenger. After realizing that Luffy will soon rejoin them, all regain their strength. Sanji faces the Queen, while Zoro is to be healed. Also, it had Yamato who tells Kaido, her intention to break their link.

Release Date:

The new chapter would release on 13 June at Midnight according to JST, however, it will differ according to the time zones. English Translation would be available few hours later. The next chapter is reported to be available after the break duration of a week.

Spoiler Leak:

The next chapter will show important things to the story. It will focus on Luffy as well as on Yamato who faces Kaido, simultaneously may also give us a past story. Zoro would be healed by Chopper and also show more of the fight between Big Mom against Kid and Trafalgar Law. These are some leaks and speculations, fans are awaiting what more could follow the engaging events.

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Read Manga Online:

The Manga would be available online at the above-mentioned time on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and also on Manga Plus apps. Some are available for free, while reading other chapters it would need a premium account.

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