POKEMON 2019 Episode 70: Release Date , Spoilers and Watch Online .

The POKEMON: JOURNEY The series is about the adventures and experiences of “Ash KETCHUM “and a new trainer or new protagonist named “ GOH “. Ash is completely determined to become the POKEMON Master and on the other side GOH, aiming to collect every POKEMON till The Mythical Mew. Initially, the series aired in Japan on November 17 , 2019.

What Actually Happened in Episode 69?

The episode begins with Satoshi, Go and Koharu has visited the KUCHIBA city’s  POKEMON  center, their purpose to visit the POKEMON center is to get supplements that they need for Errand. Goh and Chole suggest that to see whether Goh’s GROOKEY and CHOLE’s EEVEE would behave. Goh and Chole gave tasks to their POKEMON just to test if they could finish the simple tasks without distraction.

ASH, GOH, and Chole follow them, just in case they might need help. Chole and Goh challenge each other that there, to decide who would behave. Chole puts the letter on EEVEE’s neck and tells EEVEE to give the letter safely to her father.

Goh tells GROOKEY not to get sidetracked and never to disappoint him. Chole also tells EEVEE to behave and finish the task perfectly. To some extent the GROOKEY and EEVEE would go in the right direction that Goh and Chole directed them, as expected they get distracted in their way to the destination.

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Meanwhile, the antagonists of the anime Team Rocket is a trio, which includes JESSIE, JAMES and MEOWTH. Jessie tells one of the team members to do errands but finally, PELIPPER is on duty to do errands. Jessie is very doubtful that PELIPPER could do errand perfectly. However the evil team also sneakily follows PEPPER. Suddenly PELIPPER gets exhausted in the mid-way. One of the team members disguised as another person and handover him a map to Ice cream shop ( the actual destination )

GROOKEY gets excited by the mobile ice cream shop which an instant set up by Team Rocket to get PELIPPER, GROOKEY jumps over the fence and the supplements fell off of him. SATOSHI tells KAMONEGI to stop PELIPPER, who interfered in GROOKEY AND EEVEE competition. Finally, after all these distractions GROOKEY and EEVEE complete their first-ever Errand task.

What is the release date of POKEMON 2019 Episode 70? 

The Latest Upcoming episode 70 is going to air on Friday, June 11, 2021, at 6.55 Japanese Standard Time. The latest episodes of the series can be streamed on Netflix. Episode 70 of this series is just one day away and this episode would be released with the title ” Please ! Catch MORPEKO ! “.



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