Men are SHAMING Amouranth for Wearing Bikini on Twitch, Shows Women Aren’t Equal in 21st Century

The world has changed over the years. In theory, the world believes inequality among men and women, but the theory seems misplaced in practice. In practice discrimination still persists in society both east and west. With the advent of technology, people have took to streaming as a profession here inequality of sexes is on open display.

Amouranth and Perils of Being an Influencer

The life of streamers on twitch and other media sites is definitely a difficult one. They are constantly under pressure to perform to find their viewers. One such story is Amouranth. The artist streams in cosplay on the streaming website Twitch. She accepts that she is under constant public scrutiny over what she does in her everyday life.

Men are SHAMING Amouranth for Wearing Bikini on Twitch, Shows Women Aren't Equal in 21st Century

Being a woman she is constantly under pressure to remain free of any romantic relationship. She says many a time people keep on nagging to know of any of her relations. This public scrutiny has remained a constant part in the lives of celebrities. And streamers being influencers are finding this scrutiny difficult to cope with. Some viewers expect romantic availability from women streamers. Other times, viewers can cross a line and become possessive or entitled toward the women they watch on Twitch.

For the stars, they have access to facilities that makes them feel safe. But, such safety seems to be missing from the lives of these new streamers. The issue they fear the most is their privacy. They have to censor what they say on streams, so as to not have any issues that can harm them.

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Recent Controversy surrounding Amouranth

Amouranth streams on Twitch in different cosplays. Recently she donned a bikini in one of her streams. Men are now shaming her for wearing bikini on Twitch. This is a classic problem faced by these new social media influencers. Being a woman she has to constantly face such criticism online. Being on the platform means navigating complicated expectations from viewers.

Amouranth has to regularly sensor herself over the medium. She is constantly under pressure to meet expectations of viewers. This unnecessary pressure over manner to express oneself undermines the basic sense on equality. While men, usually find it easy to say what they wish but women have to match expectations. This is problematic in a progressive society.

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