China Backs Russia After Putin Warns West They’ll Regret Crossing ‘Red Line’

The world in waking up at another sort of cold war. With Putin warning west against crossing ‘Red Line’. The stakes are high for major political game of sanctions. Meanwhile, China has clearly stated its intention to side with the Russian Federation. China has also backed Russia in its ‘Red Line’ statement.

The New Alliance in East

Tensions are brewing between the fierce rivals Russia and USA. In a recent development, China has supported Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling the two nations “comprehensive strategic partners of coordination in the new era.”

In a recent address, Russian President Vladimir Putin, reminded the west of the country’s nuclear arsenal. He also warned them of crossing ‘Red Lines’. According to him any country that threats Russia’s security would face a terrible misfortune.

Putin Warns West They'll Regret Crossing 'Red Line'

When asked about Putin’s comment, foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China and Russia will “continue to understand and support each other in safeguarding our respective sovereignty, security and development interests.”

The Polar World

The recent development in relations has brought forth a debate of stability of the world. Ties between the two countries have seemed to deepen over the past few months. As a result Wang said in January China sees “no limit” for “how far this cooperation can go.” As the two countries seem to be growing closer, relations between Russia and the West are moving towards a breaking point.

The recent comments of Putin come in the background of US expelling 10 Russian diplomats. The diplomats were accused of interfering in the election of the US. The expulsion of diplomats was followed by a number of sanctions on Russia. Sanctions are an attempt of US government to harm Moscow financially in an effort to deter similar future actions.

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Russia has faced criticism recently for its military buildup at the Ukrainian border, and Biden said he reiterated to Putin that Ukraine had America’s support, urging him to avoid any further military action.

After all this one can only hope for the differences and hostilities among nations to end. Until then the dream of a progressive world is not sustainable.

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