Space Force Season 2: Photos & Updates

Space Force is back with Season 2. The series premiered in May 2020 and was renewed for season 2 in November of same year.

The Cast of the show includes Steve Carrell, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy O. Yang, Shwartz, Diana Silvers and many more. The Office Actor Steve is well known for his role as Michael Scott, the boss, a little childish but very developed over the years character.

Space Force Season 2: Photos & Updates

Created by Greg Daniels and Steve himself, Space Force is a comedy show with the setting as the workplace for a team with a mission. Steve again plays the boss of a team but the personality differs very much. He plays the role of General who is reluctantly given the job to lead the group with their task.

Even though it did not receive good reviews, it still gained lot of views on it’s release and good ratings by the viewers.


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Ben Shwartz, a member of the cast took to Instagram and posted photo about the location and quarantine in Canada. He also posted pictures with the cast of Jimmy and Diana. The recently shared picture shows the shooting location Vancouver and the set with season two as the caption, which means the shooting has started for the next season.

Tawny Newsome has also posted some updates about the same on her social media.


The Show has started shooting in Vancouver, while the earlier season was shot in Los Angeles. The cast is not yet announced, however the familiar main cast would be seen returning for the new season. Norm Hiscock is expected to be the new addition. The first season consisted of total ten episodes, second might have the same number of episodes.

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As nothing else is known about the show, some speculations can be made. The production started late this year, and would result in a delay for the show. As by this time last year the show was premiered. The production might wrap late this year. Therefore we can expect it by next year.  Moe information would be released soon.

The series can be watched on Netflix.

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