President Joe Biden Speaks Out About: The Israel Iron Dome Air Defense Missile

The Israel Iron Dome has been in news for quite some time now. As it is acting as a shield on Israel for the past nine days of the recent Israel Palestine war. Since the hostility started thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza toward Israel Territory. The rockets which are fired have all met by missiles from Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System. The Israeli military claims that the missile can intercept more than 90% of the rockets targeted.

More about the Iron Dome

Israel Air Defense Missile, the Iron Dome is a multi-mission mobile air defense system that was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense System. The Dome is placed as a truck-towed system. The Dome intercepts and neutralizes rockets fired by militant groups.

The Iron Dome was ordered in February 2007 and the final testing was completed in July 2010. The Iron Dome was first operated in 2011 and it intercepted the first rocket launched from Gaza on 7th April 2011. The system was developed to counter short-range rockets. It can shield against 155mm artillery shell threats ranging up to 70Km. The Dome can operate in all weather conditions which can even include a dust storm, low clouds, and fog.

With the recent war advancements the Israeli Defense Forces tweeted that,” The Iron Dome Aerial Defense System has one purpose, to intercept rockets mid-air before they can kill Israeli civilians.

The Dome recently got dilapidated.

First and foremost the Iron Dome cannot chase down each and every rocket. According to the Israeli Defense Forces provide with the data that it has destroyed fewer than half rockets during the recent Israel Palestine war. The IDF stated that approximately 3100 rockets were fired from Gaza during the latest conflict. Amongst these rockets, 450 rockets fell short and couldn’t penetrate Israel. About 1210 rockets were intercepted by the Dome.

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The Iron Dome air defense system was recently dilapidated during the conflict with the Palestine Group in Gaza. Israel relied on the Dome which would intercept thousands of rockets but recently broke down.

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced that he would replenish Israel’s iron Dome as it provides security to the Israeli citizens.

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