Ariana Grande And Her Intimate Wedding With Dalton Gomez, May 2021

Ariana Grande, 27 years old American Singer and actor just got married to her fiance in an intimate yet cute wedding this May. She started her music career at just the age of 13 while her acting career at 15. Grande got her fame from the nickelodeon show, Victorious where she played the character of a girl whose name was Cat who has an iconic laugh. She married her one-year-long partner Dalton Gomez. Dalton Gomez is a Real estate agent and works at Aaron Kirman Group, in Los Angeles. We try to compile all the information about the duo’s relationship and recent marriage.

 Ariana Grande’s and Dalton Gomez’s Relationship

On 15-16th May 2021, the couple took a big step further and got married in an intimate wedding ceremony. As per some sources, nothing was very formal during the ceremony, only close family members attended it while their vows were also not that formal. The duo is said to be “officially” dating for a year but has been seeing each other for longer than that. They finally made their relationship public when Ariana Grande was seen kissing or making out with someone on Valentine’s Day, 2020. Then in March of the same year, the sources revealed that it was Dalton with whom Ariana was making out and it was also found out that they were dating each other from the past few months. 

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Ariana Grande And Her Intimate Wedding, May 2021

From Diamond engagement ring to wedding’s Platinum diamond band

In December 2021, Ariana Grande shared some rare photos with her bae in which she was showing off her diamond ring. It then came out that she got engaged to Gomez. Now as per the sources, Gomez gifted her a Platinum Diamond band at wedding which he helped in designing. How cute isn’t it?

Their private Wedding Ceremony

As per the sources, The duo got married at Ariana’s home in Montecito, California. The ceremony wasn’t Grande but was a happy and lowkey ceremony that had people close to the couple. It was a lowkey wedding but people are expecting a lavish ceremony anytime soon. They only invited very few people and it wasn’t like a typical or formal wedding. Whatever or however it was, the couple must be happy during it and all that matters. 

Ariana Grande And Her Intimate Wedding, May 2021

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