Singapore Warns Of Indian Varient Effecting Children.

As we all know the new Corona varient especially the one know as the Indian varient is mainly affecting the kids. City of Singapore is likely to shut all the schools and junior Colleges from Wednesday. The vaccination for younger kids too will begin and will be carried on rapidly.

Schools Switching To Home Based Learning Till May End.

Education minister Chan,Chun Sing declared on to shut all the primary secondary and junior college’s henceforth. The education activities further will be carried online until the end of the term on 28th May. He gave a statement

“Some of these mutations are much more virulent, and they seem to attack the younger children,”

The kids affected in with the virus are showing some mild symptoms along with some who are seriously ill. On Sunday Singapore witnessed the highest locally transmitted cases. 38 Covid positive cases were reported. Out of which 17 are unlinked cases.Out of this 4 kids are effected, this cases are linked to a tution center.

The B1617 is affecting children more according to the health minister One Ye Kung, he also sought Kenneth Mark’s direction of the ministry of medical services. The number of kids affected is still unknown.

Singapore reported total of 61,000 Corona cases and 31 deaths. Most of the cases were reported last year mainly among the foreign workers dormitories. The cases reported on Sunday were the highest cases since last year.

“The sharp rise in the number of community cases today requires us to significantly reduce our movements and interactions in the coming days,”

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Singapore had witnessed a rise in Coronavirus cases in the past few week, till now only a single digit number cases were reported in the city.

One fifth of the total population is vaccinated which resulted in reducing the daily average of Covid cases. Government authorities are actively working on vaccinating the younger population including children. Vaccination for people aged 45 and above is likely to start from May end. Vaccines from Pfizer – BioNtech and Moderna are supplied to vaccinate people. This varient is likely to begin with the third wave of Coronavirus according to scientists and researchers.

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