Putin and Xi Jinping Aiming to Expand their Nuclear Plant Project by 2026 to 2028 in China with the Help of Russia Technology

On Wednesday, Putin and Xi Jinping had a videoconference to start-up a series of nuclear energy projects amid a global fast-flux. 

In this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the two omnipotent countries joined plans on the launch of nuclear power plants in China. As we know, Russia and China are affirmed in general, where Putin surprises Xi Jinping on his birthday in 2019. 

What happened in the Video Conference?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his amiable Chinese President Xi Jinping had a conference video call on 19th May 2020. Both countries discussed about Russian working on Nuclear projects in china. The plan is set to be consummated by 2026 to 2028 and functions thereby. The purpose of this video call between these cosmopolitan countries is to expand their nuclear energy projects. 

Both the countries trade something with each other, where Russia trades oil and gas to China, purchase of Russian Warplanes and other military technology. On the other hand, China exchanges consumer goods, machinery and other plants to Russia. The amiable bond between Russia and China has been known for years. Both countries always want to compete with the US, where they signed an agreement to construct an international research station on the moon in March 2021. 

What will Russia-China expand in this nuclear plant project?

About the Nuclear plant project, it is said to be the construction of four new reactors at twin nuclear plants in china. The two nuclear plants are constructed and designed by Russian technology, which is located in Liaoning and Jiangsu provinces in China. The four new reactors are using VVER-1200 technology from Russia which is working in progress. 

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On the account of their conference call, Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijiang stated that “Two countries are aiming to reinforce bilateral relations and will bring a great impact in a new era.”

Russia is already working on nuclear projects in recent days, having Bolster from many countries such as Egypt, Africa, Nigeria and Sudan. So we may encounter the best nuclear plant in upcoming years. 

In a press meeting, Putin mentioned in his talk with Xi Jinping that “Chinese-Russian relations have reached its pinnacle stages in history.” 

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