NEW TROUBLE : Trump’s Organization is Under Probe in New York

Trouble seems to be stuck with Donald Trump after his presidency. He faced a defeat by Joe Biden, a second impeachment trial, and his claims of election fraud were deemed to be untrue. After all this he faces another legal blow after New York decides to probe his Trump Organization.

The Latest Accusation

The New York state attorney general’s office earlier initiated a civil probe to investigate Trump Organization. Now, the office has now escalated the investigation in a “criminal capacity”. This decision has come as a legal burden for the retiring former President in Florida. New York’s Attorney general Letitia James is expected to join an ongoing criminal probe into the Trump Organization.

Amidst all this trouble Trump now resides in Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. While his sons lead the Trump Organization. Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. got the reigns of the organization during Trump’s presidency. The previous probe began when Trump was still in White House.

Donald Trump is set to face many new legal battle after his retirement from Presidency.

The latest probes are focused on the allegation that Trump Organization downplayed the value of its properties for tax purposes. It is also alleged that they inflated their properties to secure bank loans. As per the laws of the US the, former president could lose his liberty,  if convicted.

The Way Forward and Reactions

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is infuriated by the decision. He has slammed the decision and called it as “an investigation that is in desperate search of a crime”. According to him the efforts to prosecute him is at a level never witnessed before.

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The former president is set to face more scrutiny, from US Congress. The House of Representatives is set to vote in attempt to create a bipartisan 9/11 style commission into the insurrection at the US Capitol. Although it is expected that the attempt will pass from House of Representative but will fall flat on the floors of Senate. This result is expected because Trump still holds his power in the Republican Party. Acting against his interest is expected to move the party away from the Republican voters.

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