Blinken & Lavrov Stress For Dialogue Despite Serious Differences

Things seem to be turning out normal after the pandemic years. All the world powers are back to their diplomatic businesses. Taking lead in this effort is the USA and Russia. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met his counterpart Sergei Lavrov for their first in person meeting after the administration change in US.

New Dialogue to Settle Dispute

The two former Cold war rivals came together for their first meeting of their top diplomats after the change of administration in Washington. They met in Reykjavik on the sidelines of an Arctic Council meeting. The two parties agreed, they have serious differences in how they view world affairs. They have accepted that the two sides can still find ways to work together.

Speaking after the meeting Antony Blinken stressed on the need for a stable relation between the two nations. He also added that if Russia will act aggressively against us, our partners, our allies the US will respond. Meanwhile, his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov said that world would be a safer place if the two nations can forge some understanding in their policies. They need to involve in place where their interests collide.

The Russian and US diplomats hold their first meetings after the Administration transition in the US

Blinken particularly pointed to the need for a predictable relation with Russia. He suggested that the two countries can successfully collaborate for tackling the current pandemic. Their relations can be paramount in combating climate change, dealing with Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs and Afghanistan.

What Should be Expected Ahead…

The meeting of top diplomats from these countries can possibly lead to a presidential summit in June. The main objective of the meeting could be an attempt to improve their dire relations.

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Ties between US and Russia are in a very dire condition after the transition of administration in the USA. The administration had sanctioned the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that was expected to take Russian gas from the Arctic to Germany.

Meanwhile, Lavrov said they are ready to discuss anything unless the discussions are honest and go with mutual respect of the parties.

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