Attack on Titan Add Extra Pages To Final Series of Manga: Know More

Since September 2009, “Attack on Titan” has been published in “Bessatsu Shonen” magazine, and it will be released this month in 139 installments and 11 installments. So far, the manga has released 33 volumes of “The Chief of Workers”. The next volume 34 contains chapters. … 135-139 plans to start a business in Japanese on June 9 and in English on October 19.

Attack on Titan Finale with Surfaced Extra Pages

According to unconfirmed online media reports, there are two important points on other pages: the first thing involves Mikasa and his relationship with Ymir; the second story The fate of the attack on the Titans long after the shadows were cast. It is said that the forward will write a completely different story, but the fans will decide whether they care about the stadium.

Attack on Titan Alters Manga Finale with Surfaced Extra Pages

As for the long line, Sanika will meet Ymir after Eren is killed. The results of the war awed Sanika, but she could argue with Ymir that her feelings were finally distorted. The harmonious lens provides Sanika with the opportunity to move on, and these new assaults on the Titan page fully prove this point.

Then, the animation transition of “Attack on Titan” appeared in the Japanese for the fourth and final season on December 7, 2020, and appeared in English on January 10 this year. Go back to Part 2, as part of the coldest anime season in 2022 (e.g. December 2021-2022 walking).

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