Why America is Helping Israel with a 38 Billion Dollars Aid

As you guys know what’s happening in Palestine and Israel. It’s been all over the news. Some are portraying it with the truth and the majority of them are just showing false information and fabricated news to you guys. And that’s exactly how those who are oppressed become the oppressors.

We all know the power Israel has right now. We all know the power of the Iron Dome in Israel. But there are very few amounts of news channels that are showing the real news. Israel has been bombing Gaza, and they are calling it self-defense. They are attacking apartments, restaurants, schools as well as hospitals and calling it a base for Hamas.


We all know the interest of America in Israel. They have recently signed a 38 billion dollar aid that will be given to Israel by America in a decade. But the question arises, why America is so interested in Israel. And the answer can be two folds. First, because of its land. Because of Israel, America can control all the Middle East. It’s a land that can be used to control the Arab World. Whether, politically or financially. It can break the Arab World. And the second is their relations with Israel in arms and ammunition. They have invested so much that they can’t back off now.


The other reason could be the interest of other countries in Palestine. Countries have been doing efforts to control the land of Palestine for a long time now. The Arab Israel war is one of the prime examples. The war started because of the Arabs interest in the land and its resources. It’s a place with very significant land that can be used to control the parts of Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Egypt as well. So, there is no chance America will be behind in dealing with this Apartheid nation.

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Quite honestly there is no conclusion. Palestinians have been oppressed since the 1940s and there is no stopping for Israel. There is no real action taken against the Countries that are condemning the attack but that does not have a real impact on Israel. We need something fast or Palestinians will never listen to the sound of birds in the morning.

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