PUBG BATTLEGROUND Update and Release Date: Confirmed

When PUBG Mobile was banned in India in  September 2020, it disappointed many fans in the country.

Despite the existence of alternatives such as  COD Mobile, Garena Fre Fire, and others, the hole have never filled. The company tried all it could to bring the game back, including cutting relations with Tencent.

They have to findi a local partner to host and store user data within the country, but nothing worked out.

However, everything changed lately with the announcement by Krafton of the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch, with pre-registration beginning on May 18th.

New Name

The game will reportedly be a renamed  PUBG Mobile India, with reduced gore, in-app sales, privacy, and parental settings, among other features.

We’ll look at how Battlegrounds Mobile India differs from PUBG Mobile globally in this article.

For starters, PUBG Mobile has been renamed  Battlegrounds Mobile India for the Indian market, with a new logo to build its own brand identity. To avoid another ban, the firm wants to shift away from the PUBG Mobile connection.

According to reports, Krafton has instructed content writers to avoid using the PUBG Mobile trademark when discussing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Furthermore, the game will place a strong emphasis on player security, privacy, and the company’s data handling practises.

In contrast to PUBG Mobile, participants in Battlegrounds Mobile will be fully clothed when they arrive on a map. In comparison, there will be less visible carnage, and the blood will be green rather than red.

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The game may differ from the worldwide version, and the maps may be renamed entirely from others. Though a recent teaser image revealed a  setting that looks similar to the PUBG Mobile game Sanhok.

It appears that PUBG Mobile player IDs and accomplishments will not be retained, and players will have to start over.

Players under the age of 18 require parental consent in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

They are required to enter the mobile number of their parents or guardians in the game to verify parental consent. For minors, the game can only be played for three hours a day.

Additionally, they cannot spend more than Rs  7,000 on in-app purchases in Battlegrounds Mobile India.


Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile in India will begin on May 18th for Android users.

However, there are currently no details about iOS. Starting May 18th, according to Krafton, there will be additional benefits for those who       pre-register.

Only Indian players will be eligible for these awards, which they will be able to receive once the game is released.

According to sources, Battlegrounds Mobile will be released in India on June 10th.


Battlegrounds Mobile India:The producers of  the PUBG Mobile game recently announced the return of the game in India under a new name:

Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will begin on May 18 on the Google Play Store.

The new material, which comes ahead of the game’s launch, sheds insight on the game’s many features, which are most likely to mirror PUBG Mobile.

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Players on Battlegrounds Mobile are expected to be able to save their skins, Unknown Cash (UC), costumes, and goods from PUBG. They won’t lose the things they worked so hard for if they do it this way. Furthermore, because the game is India-specific and not part of the PUBG Mobile universe.

This means that users will only be able to play matches with other Indians. Their information would be stored on  Indian servers as well.

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