MY HERO ACADEMIA Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date and Everything you Need to Know

The most awaited anime of this spring is MY HERO ACADEMIA , show is back again to its viewers with latest episode of 5th season. This  Adventure- Superhero series have gained wide popularity. Anime Television series was actually written by YOSUKE KURODA and directed by trio which includes KENJI NAGASAKI, TOMO OKUBO , MASAHIRO MUKAI.

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MIDORIYA  is the protagonist of the series , he desires to be a Japan’s greatest HERO , he is super broke about his family and frequently gets insulted, looked down on by KATSUKI for not having quirks (abilities which are essential to become HEROS). Initially he was portrayed as fearful , insecure but actually is strong minded and doesn’t really give up , even plans to attend the U.A High , where only potential HEROS could into .

MIDORIYA accepts the quirk later trained by ALL MIGHT , one of those who bullied MIDORIYA , being motivated by training , finally he gets into U.A High’s entrance exam. TOMURA , a group who actually attack anytime unexpectedly .

League of Villains , attack the class 1A students in the pursuit of All Might , they have previously ambushed the class 1A students . SHIGARAKI is the leader of the villains, he believes that there is no need of pro hero’s in the world because he also believes that Pro HEROS save people for money. All Might believes that MIDORIYA is the only HERO to save BAKUGO , a student who took first place in U.A High School Admission test .

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Episode 8 is titled as ” MATCH 3 CONCLUSION ”  which refers to the fight between the class 1A students which includes TENYA LIDA , SHOUTO TODOROKI ,MEZOU SHOUJI , MASHIRAO OJIRI and class 1B students includes TETSUTETSU , SEN KAIBARA , PONY TSUNOTORI and JUUZOU HONENUKI . the characters have their own internal war in their mind for example SHOUTO is expected  embrace the part of him which was passed down to him from his father . another shocking element PONY takes her team mates up in the air. all the characters exhibit their strong version and give their best during 4 matches.

In the Episode 9 KATSUKI BAKUGOU,  one of the powerful characters , leads his team instructs them with his plan , he whishes to show MIDORIYA  that he powerful enough to be a HERO , he exhibits his Leaderships qualities. BAKUGAN would likely to change KOJIRU , gets tricked YOUSETSU.  BOKUGOU endlessly attacks YOUSETSU but actually he will be pushed by other boy towards KYOUKA and HANTA. SETSUNA is trying to bring order in her team but she realized the fault too lately.


Episode 9 is titled as ” EARLY BIRD !” is going to air on 22 MAY 2021, could be streamed through various platforms like FUNIMATION, HULU  and also available on CRUNCHYROLL.

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