Israel Bombs Hamas Gaza Cheif’s Home as Fighting Enters The Seventh Day

At least 148 lives lost in Gaza since the violence started a week ago. Hamas Chief’s home in Gaza was bombed by Israel early on Sunday. On the other hand the Islamist group fired rocket barges at Tel Aviv as the hostile war stepped onto the 7th day. It is quite visible that the situation is not ending any time soon.

The current situation in the Israel-Palestine war.

The Israeli air strike killed as reported three Palestinians across the coastal enclave. The sound of the heavy bombardment veiled all through the night. The incident injured many people as well. As Tel Aviv and its suburbs was bombed, all Israelis rushed for bomb shelters as the siren went on warning them about the incoming rocket fire. While running for shelters around 10 people were injured severely, the medic claimed.

148 people have been killed at Gaza which includes 41 children since the war began, as confirmed by the health officials. There have been 10 deaths reported in Israel which includes 2 children. Huge number of envoys from Egypt, United Nations and United states are working to restore calm which is not showing and sign of progress till now.

The bombing at Hamas Chief’s home was referred as retaliation for Israel. As Hamas, fired rockets at Tel Aviv and in the southern towns of Israel on Sunday, that destroyed the al-Jala building. The Israel Military made a statement saying that the al-Jala building was a legitimate military target. Since the military had given warnings to the civilians, for moving out of the building.

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Both Israel and Hamas have insisted that they will continue the cross-border fire after Israel destroyed a 12 storied building at Gaza. The building that conducted the media operations for the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. Prime Minister Benjamin said that,” still in the midst of this operation, it is still not over and this operation will continue as long as necessary.”

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