Camilla Parker will Become QUEEN Confirme by Buckingham Palace and Her Son

When Prince Charles, Camilla’s husband,  becomes King, she will be brought a  different title. However, there has been some doubt as to which title she will use in  the future.

Camilla became the Duchess of Cornwall after Charles and Camilla married on April 9, 2005. Princess of Wales is the title given to the wife of the Prince of Wales, the heir to the throne. Camilla chose the title  of Duchess of Cornwall instead of  Princess Diana’s title.

In the meantime, the Prince of Wales has been waiting for decades to take the  throne. Queen Elizabeth, his mother, is the  longest-serving monarch in British history.When The Prince of Wales takes the throne, it is planned that Mrs. Parker  Bowles use the title HRH The Princess  Consort,” the announcement said.

Camilla was the first to use the title of princess consort, according to Slate at the time. The queen consort is the title given to the wife of a reigning monarch.“A new title was created only for Camilla because crowning her as queen would cause PR problems for the royals, ” according to the publication. Despite Camilla’s popularity, the palace has decided to give her the title of princess consort rather than queen consort.

Clarence House released another statement in March 2020 about Camilla’s future plans . When the prince succeeds to the throne the duchess will be recognized as princess consort, according to a royal spokesperson. “This was announced at  the time of the wedding, and nothing has  changed since  then.”

The decision is yet to be made….

A decision has yet to be taken, according  to her son. Regardless of what Buckingham Palace has already said. Clarence  House has now issued two  statements about Camilla’s future position.

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However, her son Tom Parker-Bowles claims that no decision has been taken.
The food critic and writer says he’s not sure what title his mother will use,  according to Hello! Magazine. He admitted, “I really don’t know if Mum would be named queen.” “It hasn’t been  determined yet.” I’m sure there are plenty of fascinating Sky documentaries on the subject, but I really don’t  know if that’s true.”

Camilla will be following in the footsteps of the late Prince Philip if she uses the title Princess Consort. The Duke of Edinburgh was not recognized as King since he was the  queen’s husband. He was the Prince  Consort instead.

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