Spiderman: No Way Home Set Photos & Latest Updates

Spiderman No Way Home has been one of the most awaited movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Marvel giving very less updates or not addressing any rumors and also without any spoilers from Tom, fans try to come up with their own theories and speculation.

The new Spiderman movie will be the third movie focusing on Spiderman with Tom Holland as the lead. With rumors being shut down about multiverse theories by the actors it is difficult to assume anything.

The earlier film ended with Mysterio revealing the real identity of Spiderman and framing him for his murder, the events after that are sure to be difficult for Peter Parker.

Set Photos:

Actor who plays Ned posted some photos on Instagram from the set titled Ned & Peter shot by MJ. The 3 photos show the best friends at Midtown Highschool. One of them shows Peter’s face covered in bruises, which may hint at a fight in school. Next shows them standing in the school’s gymnasium. And the other is a casual photo of them both.

In March Tom posted a shirtless photo to show his build on his story and thanking his trainer.

Latest Updates:

As Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina have been confirmed to return it very much indicates at the fan theory of multiverse story which may see the return of both the earlier Spiderman Actor of this century Andrew & Tobey. However with many attempts to shut down the mysterious theory by the actors Tom and Andrew, it still seems a likely possibility.

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The new movie will also see the appearance by Doctor Strange of the Marvel Universe who can help Spiderman. With the truth about Spiderman out and being framed, it is possible that Parker may find it difficult to return anywhere but as we can see from the photos he would be seen in the Highschool.

As the title suggests No Way Home, it is gonna be a tough time to prove those charges false for him. The film is set to release on 17th December this year as was announced on the Marvel video.

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